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Mountain ranges / Dolomites / Rifugio Sennes / Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes (via Rifugio Fodara Vedla)

Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes (via Rifugio Fodara Vedla)

Starting point: Rifugio Pederü (1548 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.63867°N 12.0414°E 
Path name: via Rifugio Fodara Vedla
Time of walking: 1 h 40 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 578 m
Altitude difference (by path): 590 m
Map: Tabacco 03 1:25.000
Views: 1,342
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 35
Access to starting point:
A) From Kranjska Gora over Korensko sedlo to Austria, where at the first larger crossroad, we continue left towards Podklošter / Arnoldstein and Trbiž / Tarvisio. By the end of the settlement Podklošter signs for Šmohor / Hermagor point us to the right on a regional road, on which past the mentioned settlement we drive to the end of the valley Gailtal, or more precisely to the settlement Kötschach-Mauthen, where we turn right towards the settlement Oberdrauburg. The path ahead leads us over an Alpine mountain pass Gailbergsattel (982 meters), after which we descend into the mentioned settlement. After we cross the bridge through river Drau, we continue left towards the settlement Lienz. In the main roundabout in Lienz we continue "left" in the direction of the settlement Sillian and Italy. Further, we cross the border between Austria and Italy, and we follow the main road past settlements Dobbiaco / Toblach, Villabassa / Niederdorf, Monguelfo - Tesido / Welsberg - Taisten, Brunico / Brunec. Only a little after the last-mentioned town, past which leads a bypass road, we turn left into a valley Val Badia. Further, we drive through the mentioned valley and in the settlement Longega we turn left towards the settlement San Vigilio. In San Vigilio then at the crossroad we turn left following the signs »Pederü«. After approximately 200 meters we then turn right also following the signs »Pederü«. We follow this road all the way to a large parking lot in front of the mountain hut Rifugio Pederü.
B) From Nova Gorica, we drive to Italy and drive forward on a highway towards Venice / Venezia. At town Portogruaro we leave the highway towards Venice and continue right on the highway towards Pordenone. At the next highway junction near Conegliano, we continue right towards Belluno. Near Belluno the highway ends and at the next crossroads we continue in the direction of Cortina d'Ampezzo. When we get into Cortina d'Ampezzo, we follow the signs for Alpine mountain pass Passo Falzarego. On the mountain pass Passo Falzarego (2105 meters) we turn right in the direction of the mountain pass Valparola and forward towards Val Badia. In the settlement La Villa we turn right towards the settlement Brunico. We then follow the road to the settlement Longega where we turn right towards the settlement San Vigilio. In San Vigilio then at the crossroad we turn left following the signs »Pederü«. After approximately 200 meters we then turn right also following the signs »Pederü«. We follow this road all the way to a large parking lot in front of the mountain hut Rifugio Pederü.
Path description:
From the mountain hut Rifugio Pederü we continue left on a macadam road where signposts behind the mountain hut point us to. The road which is closed for traffic at the beginning starts very steeply ascending in zig-zags and beautiful views start to open up on surrounding peaks. Further, the road becomes slightly less steep and runs mostly through the forest. After a good half an hour of walking from the starting point road brings us to a marked crossing.
Left leads the direct path towards the mountain hut Sennes, and we continue further on the road towards the mountain hut Fodara. At the crossing, we can continue also on a footpath which runs parallel with the road. The road is still slightly ascending, and later turns to the left and a short descent follows towards the mountain hut.
At the crossing, a little before the mountain hut we continue left following the signs »Senes«. For a short time, we still walk on the road and then we get to another marked crossing where we go right on a footpath. Further, the path runs mostly by dwarf pines and is mostly slightly ascending. Here slowly increasingly beautiful views start opening up, and footpath then again joins the road.
The road is further quite gentle and we soon come to a crossroad where the road branches off to the right towards huts Rifugio Ra Stua and Rifugio Biella. At the crossroad, we continue left and to the hut Rifugio Sennes follows only some walking on a gentle road.
On the way: Rifugio Fodara Vedla (1980m)
Trip can be extended to: Rifugio Munt de Sennes ( 10 min) , Col de Lasta ( 20 min) , Rifugio Biella / Seekofel Hütte ( 50 min) , Roter Turm (2 h 25 min) , Remeda Rossa / Rote Wand (2 h 20 min) , Muntejela de Sennes (1 h 50 min) , Croda del Beco / Seekofel (2 h 5 min) , Piccola Croda Rossa / Kleine Gaisl (3 h 5 min)
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes1
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes2
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes3
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes4
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes5
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes6
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes7
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes8
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes9
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes10
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes11
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes12
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes13
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes14
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes15
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes16
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes17
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes18
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes19
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes20
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes21
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes22
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes23
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes24
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes25
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes26
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes27
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes28
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes29
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes30
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes31
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes32
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes33
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes34
Rifugio Pederü - Rifugio Sennes35
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