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Mountain ranges / High Tauern / Sadnig / Sadnighaus - Sadnig (direct way (path 150))

Sadnighaus - Sadnig (direct way (path 150))

Starting point: Sadnighaus (1880 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.9548°N 12.961°E 
Destination: Sadnig (2745 m)
Path name: direct way (path 150)
Time of walking: 2 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: partly demanding
Altitude difference: 865 m
Altitude difference (by path): 910 m
Map: http://www.austria.info/us/interactive-map-austria#
Views: 1,296
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 43
Access to starting point:
After crossing the border through Karawanks Tunnel, we drive on a highway past Beljak / Villach and Spittal, where we turn from the highway in the direction of Knoten Spittal Millstätter See, Felbertauern, Lienz, Lendorf. Then at the sign for Großglockner we turn right (here we stop following the road towards Lienz). On the road, we then drive through settlements Möllbrücke and Obervellach, until we turn towards the settlement Mörtschach, into which we eventually also come. From here on we follow the signs for Asten. An asphalted and in parts steep road in distance from 10 to 11 km leads to a parking lot at the mountain hut Sadnig (in German Sadnighaus ), where the asphalt also ends. Here we park. From the national border to the destination is a little less than 2 hours of driving.
Path description:
From a car we go on an asphalt road few steps downwards to the signposts Naturlehrweg Astern Moos, Schobertörl and Makernispitze, which point us on a footpath, on which we lose approximately 20 meters of height, and we step on a lower situated macadam road. For a short time, we follow the macadam road, until a sign for Sadnig, 3h, with a sign 150 point us on a bridge over a smaller stream Astenbach. On the other side of the bank, signposts point us to the right and later through the forest. Occasionally steeper path brings us into a thinner and thinner larch forest, from where an increasingly beautiful views opening up on the valley Asten. We then cross a riverbed of a torrent and eventually we come to a crossing Kapitzenbühel (2282 meters). To here we were walking 1 hour and 15 minutes.
We go towards Sadnig and on only in parts steeper path through the high mountain meadows after 45 minutes we come on the mountain pass Sadnigscharte (2484 meters). A little below the mountain pass by the path there is situated a smaller lake, which is a good point for a rest.
From the mountain pass ahead on few hairpin turns we reach scree, which we cross and then we steeply ascend towards the secondary peak Vorsadnig (2696 meters), which the path a little below the summit bypasses on the eastern side. From here the peak is already near. In the last steepness few meters below the summit, when the path is the steepest, the path splits into two branches, from which one offers a little easier access to the summit.
On the way: Sadnighaus (1880m), Naturlehrweg Astern Moos (1860m), Astenbach (1855m), Kapitzenbühel (2282m), Sadnigscharte (2484m)
Sadnighaus - Sadnig1
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