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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Rodica / Ski hotel Vogel - Rodica

Ski hotel Vogel - Rodica

Starting point: Ski hotel Vogel (1540 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.2758°N 13.8358°E 
Destination: Rodica (1966 m)
Time of walking: 3 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 426 m
Altitude difference (by path): 800 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Views: 53,087
Trip rating: 4 votes
Number of pictures: 22
Access to starting point:
From highway Ljubljana - Jesenice we go to the exit Lesce and follow the road towards Bled and forward towards Bohinjska Bistrica. We continue driving towards the lake Bohinj (Ribčev laz), where we come to a crossroad, where we continue straight on the left (south) side of the lake in the direction of Ukanc and waterfall Savica. We follow this road to the bottom station of the cable car on Vogel, then we buy a ticket and go with a cableway to the upper station, which is the starting point for our tour.
Path description:
When we step from the upper station of the cableway, we go right towards the mountain hut Merjasec. We reach it after 100 meters of walking.
At the mountain hut, we go on the path in the direction of Vogel, Šija and Rodica. The path ahead starts slightly descending on a ski track, and then it brings us on a small indistinct saddle, where the path towards Zlatorog branches off to the right.
We continue left on a bad road, where there aren't any marks, and we run into a blazes a little further. Cart track road starts ascending and is turning slightly right. A little further, the cart track has a crossroad, but left steep and right gentle quickly join. Then on the right side we notice a cross, where a worse road flattens and it brings us to the crossing on a smaller plateau.
We go straight in the direction of Šija and we continue slightly upwards still on a transport road. A little further signs for Vogel and Šija point us to the right on a footpath which soon brings us to the spot, where we cross a ski track. Here is also a crossing, where we continue left (right one of the paths on Vogel) on the path which by and below a cableway brings us on the highest peak of ski tracks (Visoki Orlov rob).
The path ahead changes into a pleasant mountain path, which for a short time slightly descends, and then it ascends a little to a crossing below Šija. Here we continue left (straight Šija, right Vogel) on the path which starts descending. After that, the path crosses a shorter scree, passes into a lane of dwarf pines and it brings us to a little more demanding passage. The path ahead steeply ascends and in doing so it crosses slightly exposed gully. The path ahead continues on a panoramic ridge and in few minutes of additional walking brings us to a saddle Čez Suho, where from the left joins the path from the mountain pasture Suha.
We continue straight on the path which occasionally slightly ascends and then descends again. And very panoramic path a little further brings us below the upper pyramid of Rodica, where we have two options to continue. We can continue slightly right on a marked path or and we go left and we reach the peak on an unmarked path. If we decided for the ascent on a marked path a little higher from the right joins the path from Rut. We go in the direction of Rodica and we continue the ascent on an indistinct upper ridge of Rodica, peak of which we reach after additional 10 minutes of walking.
On the way: Visoki Orlov rob (1800m), Čez Suho (1773m)
Trip can be extended to: Črna prst , Suha Rodica (Novi vrh) , Mali Raskovec , Raskovec
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