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Mountain ranges / Prekmurje / Činčev breg / Sotina - Činčev breg (via the source of mineral water)

Sotina - Činčev breg (via the source of mineral water)

Starting point: Sotina (258 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.83445°N 16.04097°E 
Path name: via the source of mineral water
Time of walking: 30 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 117 m
Altitude difference (by path): 120 m
Map: Pomurje 1:40.000
Views: 248
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 29
Access to starting point:
A) We drive to Gederovci (to here from Radenci or Murska Sobota) and we continue driving in the direction of Kuzma. When we get to the settlement Sotina we need to pay attention, because at the bus stop, by which we notice hiking signposts there is the beginning of the described path. We park on an appropriate place nearby.
B) We drive into Kuzma (to here from the settlement Grad, Mačkovci or Petrovci), and then we continue driving towards Sotina and Austria. When Kuzma ends, follows a relatively short ascent, and then a descent, where from the crossroad with the priority road we continue left. Further, we quickly get to Sotina, where we go past the cemetery, and then about 300 meters further we get to the bus stop, by which there are hiking signposts. We park on an appropriate place nearby.
Path description:
From the bus stop, we continue on a side road which is lightly ascending towards the northwest, and at the smaller crossroad, we go straight. Before the road crosses a smaller stream, we leave it and we go slightly right on a footpath which continues through a meadow. The nearby field we bypass on the left side, and then we go over a small bridge on the left side (right bank) of the stream. Next follows a walk along the stream, occasionally few meters above the stream, where we cross steeper slopes. A quite gentlle path then quickly brings us to an interesting source of mineral water.
From the source we continue on a marked path, which further leads on an interesting tree-lined path, which ends with a marked crossing.
To the left continues a marked path on Sotinski breg, and we go right in the direction of Činčov breg, where we get very close to the national border between Slovenia and Austria. Next follows an ascent on a cart track which a little higher turns right and then it is ascending diagonally. The cart track soon ends, and on easier pathless terrain we go in the same direction, and we quickly reach an indistinct ridge, on which we continue the ascent. When after few minutes the ridge turns into gently sloping upper terrain of Činčev breg, the footpath appears, which we follow to the left, and it turns semicircularly to the right. At two next crossings we go left and we reach the highest point of Činčev breg, which is located in the forest.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in February 2021.
On the way: Izvir slatine (pod Činčevim bregom) (280m)
Sotina - Činčev breg1
Sotina - Činčev breg2
Sotina - Činčev breg3
Sotina - Činčev breg4
Sotina - Činčev breg5
Sotina - Činčev breg6
Sotina - Činčev breg7
Sotina - Činčev breg8
Sotina - Činčev breg9
Sotina - Činčev breg10
Sotina - Činčev breg11
Sotina - Činčev breg12
Sotina - Činčev breg13
Sotina - Činčev breg14
Sotina - Činčev breg15
Sotina - Činčev breg16
Sotina - Činčev breg17
Sotina - Činčev breg18
Sotina - Činčev breg19
Sotina - Činčev breg20
Sotina - Činčev breg21
Sotina - Činčev breg22
Sotina - Činčev breg23
Sotina - Činčev breg24
Sotina - Činčev breg25
Sotina - Činčev breg26
Sotina - Činčev breg27
Sotina - Činčev breg28
Sotina - Činčev breg29
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