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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Lopič / Monte Plauris / Tugliezzo - Lopič / Monte Plauris (CAI 701)

Tugliezzo - Lopič / Monte Plauris (CAI 701)

Starting point: Tugliezzo (503 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3819°N 13.1506°E 
Path name: CAI 701
Time of walking: 4 h 30 min
Difficulty: difficult marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1455 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1470 m
Map: Tabacco 027
Author: klm
Views: 3,398
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 9
Access to starting point:
From central Slovenia on Gorenjska highway to exit Hrušica, and from there through the valley Zgornja Savska dolina past Rateče to Trbiž / Tarvisio. In western part of Trbiž we continue on the main road SS13 towards Videm / Udine through the valley Kanalska dolina and valley Bela to the settlement Karnija / Carnia (259 meters), where we leave the road SS13 and at the crossroad in the settlement we turn right. On local road below the viaduct we continue to the next crossroad. Left goes towards the cemetery, and drive straight, at first past the former barracks Marussig on the right, and from there uphill in few hairpin turns to the former mountain pasture, now hamlet Tugliezzo (503 meters) with holiday cottages and a chapel.
Path description:
Past the chapel we go few 10 meters to the turn-off of forest road where we go right and there to the nearby crossroad. Main branch which is closed with the gate, is winding all the way to the cottage Elio Franz, and we continue on the left branch past nearby meadow and holiday cottage on Planu dei Portolans, where the road changes into a footpath. There we go in the forest a little above the gully of the stream Rio Lavarie to the cottage Elio Franz. From there we are ascending a little steeper, at first through the beech forest, which is higher replaced by bushes. Besides the steepness, the ascent is more difficult also because of very crumbly gravel footpath in many zig-zags, but by ncreasingly beautiful views on Carnic peaks we soon reach the saddle Maleet (1625 meters).
From the saddle Maleet we descend few meters to the juncture with the path CAI 728a past the cottage Bellina. From there we go straight on a footpath diagonally above the gable of a small valley through dwarf pines, past the boulders and over the scree to the foot of the upper part of Lopič. Blazes point us to the right. The footpath is ascending diagonally over the scree and in zig-zags to the ridge. Past indistinct ridge notch we turn left on the south side and on poor footpath on a panoramic peak.
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris1
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris2
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris3
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris4
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris5
Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris6
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Tugliezzo  - Lopič / Monte Plauris9
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