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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Lopič / Monte Plauris

Lopič / Monte Plauris

Country: Italy
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 1958 m / 6424 ft
Weather forecast:
Views: 283,440
Popularity: 69% (1069th place)
Number of pictures: 2
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Highest and at the same time westernmost peak of Muzci is rising high above the valley Tilmenta on the west and Venzonasse on the south. Towards the north it is descending in Rezija.
South slopes, on which there is on every visit possible to observe a herd of numerous ibexes, are mostly covered with grass, while on the north prevailing broken, precipitous cliffs with numerous gullies, grooves and towers.
The peak has two distinct ridges. Main from the peak descending towards the southwest over Cime di Cervada (1781 meters) and Cime di Somp Selve (1702 meters). Ridge is very panoramic and pathless, but technically quite undemanding (spots I – II grade). Below Cima di Somp Selve splits into two parts: one is descending towards Vrata / Portis, other towards Pušja vas /Venzone together with parallel ridge Cima dei Larici on the north surrounds a scenic valley Lavaruzza. Second more distinct ridge from Lopič runs towards the southeast over unnamed peak (1858 meters) to a saddle Slips, where it is connected with the ridge of Javor. Both ridges on the south surround ample, steep grassy cirque, which passes into a gully of the stream Gran Rio. Also on norhwest Lopič makes otherwise not so uniform ridge over the peaks Pale di Misdi (Punta del Mezzogiorno, 1841 meters) and Cima Clapadorie (1756 meters).
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Lopič / Monte Plauris Lopič / Monte Plauris
Tugliezzo - Lopič / Monte Plauris (CAI 701)4 h 30 mindifficult marked way
Zgornji Pobič / Povici di Sopra - Lopič / Monte Plauris (CAI 702)5 h 30 minvery difficult marked way
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