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Chapel Na Koren

Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 550 m / 1804 ft
Type: church
Weather forecast:
Views: 3,706
Popularity: 34% (2233rd place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of church:
A nice and recently renovated chapel Na Koren is situated on a panoramic slope of the hill Hom, northern below the village Kupljenik, in municipality Bled.
According to folk tradition in the 16th century by the hill Homec pri Selu the construction of the church of St. Štefan had began. But what happened was that all they had built through the day, at the night it was all moved over the river Sava Bohinjka to Na Koren below Kupljenik. Because of this, the construction of the church was moved, but the place where the chapel stands was too lonely, so they built the church higher, next to the village houses on Kupljenik.
From the chapel Na Koren, by which there is a bench, to a visitor a nice view opens up towards Bled's surroundings with castle and nearby hills, and on Karawanks at the back.
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Chapel Na Koren Chapel Na Koren Chapel Na Koren Chapel Na Koren Chapel Na Koren
Selski most - Chapel Na Koren 30 mineasy marked way
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