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Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora)

Country: Croatia
Elevation: 517 m / 1696 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 340
Popularity: 15% (2919th place)
Number of pictures: 3
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Mali Petrovac is quite low hill, which is situated somewhere on the border of Banija and Kordun and Pannonian Croatia and Gorski Kotar. The peak is entirely covered with a forest. Old name of the mountain is Gvozd which means forest. Somewhere on the mountain in fight with Turks died the king Petar Svačić, because of this mountain is named after him. By the top of the mountain there is huge monument of revolution of Kordun and Banija, which is today unfortunately abandoned and is decaying. Monument is situated on the summit Veliki Petrovac and the opinion of many is that it is also the highest peak of Petrova gora. But in fact a little higher peak is Mali Petrovac, which is situated little towards the north. Both peaks are in the forest and don't offer any view.
Somehow in the heart of Petrova gora is located hunting cottage Muljava and it is an ideal point for the starting point of the ascent. The cottage is permanently open and it is also possible to spend the night in it.
The peak is a popular destination of mountaineers from Vojnić and Vrginmost, and also from Karlovac and Glina.
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Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora) Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora) Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora)
Hunting cottage Muljava - Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora) (via Mali Velebit)1 h 15 mineasy marked way
Lovska koča Muljava - Mali Petrovac (Petrova gora) (Roman path)1 heasy marked way
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