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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak

Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Karawanks
Elevation: 1063 m / 3488 ft
Type: church
Weather forecast:
Views: 2,400
Popularity: 30% (2378th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 1
Description of church:
Church of St. Jošt, the highest situated parish church in a valley Šaleška dolina, is located a little below Špik, which on the west is the highest peak of Paški Kozjak (1108 meters).
Neo-Gothic parish church of St. Jošt is from the year 1884, otherwise the church is connected with the settlement since the year 1482. Original building on that spot was gothic, but in the year 1879 they demolished it and between years 1881 and 1883 built the church in neo-Gothic style. Perpendicular baroque chapels give the church in ground plan form of Latin cross.
In the main niche of the large altar there is the statue of St. Jošt, who is a patron saint of pilgrims, blind, retirement homes, shipwrights and bakers and intercessor for good harvest and protecting the grain from fire and livestock, against the fire and storm, towards fever and plague.
By the church there is also baroque presbytery, building of former parish house, which represents typical Kozjak residential house.
From the church leads the path on Špik, where you can enjoy the wonderful view on all sides.
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Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak
Dom na Paškem Kozjaku - Sveti Jošt on Paški Kozjak 15 mineasy marked way
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