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Mountain ranges / Stubai Alps / Zuckerhütl


Country: Austria
Mountain range: Stubai Alps
Elevation: 3507 m / 11506 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 74
Popularity: 2% (2802nd place)
Number of pictures: 8
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Zuckerhütl is with height 3507 meters the highest peak of Stubai Alps and one of the most desired high mountain destinations in Tyrol: the reason that a not very easily accessible mountain is well visited is because the highest peak of Stubai Alps is located near the ski slope "Stubaier Gletscher", where the cableways lead above 3000 meters high and shorten the access quite a lot, its attractive from far recognizable form, which resembles a sugar pin above the ample glaciers, and a wide view, which is appropriate for the highest peak in the wider surrounding.
Even though there are more paths to the foot of its upper massif, (poorly) marked passage to the summit is only one: the mountain is infamously crumbly, therefore the approach to the summit from other directions is risky. Otherwise short ascent to the summit demands in parts exposed unsecured climbing up to II. grade on unstable terrain.
The peak in line with the expectations for the highest mountain of the mountain range offers a breathtaking view on all sides: neighbouring Ötztal Alps led by Wildspitze and Hohe Geige on the west, eastern part of Stubai Alps and Zillertal Alps on the east; towards the south the view past extensive glacier Sulzenauferner brings us into Stubai valley and mountain ranges above it, and on the north below us there is Italian South Tyrol.
Surroundings within radius of km:
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Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl Zuckerhütl
Parking Stubaier Gletscher (Mutterbergalm) - Zuckerhütl (normal approach from the west)5 hvery difficult unmarked way
Becherhaus - Zuckerhütl (via Wilder Pfaff and eastern slope (II+/I-II))4 hvery difficult marked way
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