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Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)

Starting point: Lokvica (310 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 45.8695°N 13.6155°E 
Time of walking: 3 h 40 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 319 m
Altitude difference (by path): 675 m
Map: Goriška 1:50.000
Views: 4,003
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 71
Access to starting point:
On the highway through the valley Vipavska dolina we drive to the border crossing Vrtojba, after that in larger roundabout, which is located on the Italian side of the border we continue towards the village Miren (to the village Miren we can also come, if on a regional road from Šempeter pri Gorici drive towards Dornberk. In this case in Volčja draga we continue right or left, if we came from Dornberk. From the village Miren we continue driving towards the village Opatje Selo. After few hairpin turns signs for Cerje point us to the left on a macadam road which we then follow to the parking lot, that is located only few minutes below the monument Veliko Cerje.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue on for traffic closed macadam road, on which in 5 minutes of walking ascend to the monument Veliko Cerje.
From the monument we continue right on at first a wide path in the direction of Fajti hrib. The path ahead at first slightly descends, and then it is gently ascending over gentle and at first also quite scenic slopes. After that, the path passes into a mostly pine forest, where we continue with some shorter ascents and descents. After a time we stride across forest road, and then we continue the ascent on narrower and in several parts with thorns surrounded mountain path. Higher the forest gets thinner and a moderately steep path brings us on Fajti hribi, on which there is a smaller information board in the memory of first world war.
From Fajti hrib we descend through young pine forest (here we still have nice views) to a small saddle between the already mentioned peak and Veliki vrh. On the saddle, we stride across a wide cart track, and then we start ascending on 463 meters high Veliki vrh, which we reach after approximately 20 minutes of ascent through the forest and bushes.
From Veliki vrh follows approximately 100 altitude meters long descent, which ends on the next cart track. We continue on a marked path, which past a decaying bench leads into a dense forest, where it starts moderately ascending. After approximately 15 minutes of ascent we step on Renški vrh 449 meters.
Next follows relatively gentle descent on the path which quickly brings us to an asphalt road which we only cross. We continue the ascent in the direction of "Trstelj po vrhovih" on quite overgrown mountain path, which after approximately 20 minutes of ascent brings us on a forested peak of Vrtovka.
From Vrtovka we continue on a path, that is gently descending towards the east. Already after few minutes of descent, the path brings us on a macadam road which we follow few minutes, and then blazes point us to the right on a footpath which gradually starts ascending steeper. Higher, the path flattens and past caverns brings us on Lešenjak.
From the top, we continue in the direction of Trstelj on the path which starts descending towards the east. After few minutes, we cross a power line, and then we join a bad macadam road. We follow the road few minutes, and then blazes point us to the left on a relatively steep footpath, on which in few minutes we ascend on Stolovec.
From Stolovec path in few minutes of descent brings us to a bad forest road, on which we continue approximately 15 minutes, and then signs for Trstelj point us on an ascending footpath. A moderately steep path then quickly brings us on the secondary peak of Stol, we recognize it by a larger cairn, and we continue on a marked path, which for a short time descends, and then in a gentle ascent brings us to the top of Stol.
On the way: Veliko Cerje (343m), Fajti hrib (433m), Veliki vrh (Črni hribi) (463m), Renški vrh (449m), Vrtovka (502m), Lešenjak (552m), Stolovec (563m)
Trip can be extended to: Stjenkova koča on Trstelj ( 25 min) , Trstelj ( 20 min)
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)1
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)2
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)3
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)4
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)5
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)6
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)7
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)8
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)9
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)10
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)11
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)12
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Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)42
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)43
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)44
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)45
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)46
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)47
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)48
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)49
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)50
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)51
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)52
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)53
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)54
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)55
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)56
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)57
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)58
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)59
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)60
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)61
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)62
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)63
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)64
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)65
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)66
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)67
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)68
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)69
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)70
Lokvica - Stol (Črni hribi)71
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