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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Formila na Boču

Formila na Boču

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Karawanks
Elevation: 624 m / 2047 ft
Weather forecast:
Views: 209,722
Popularity: 60% (1354th place)
Number of pictures: 11
Number of paths: 7
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Formila na Boču or Travnik na Formilah is a dry meadow on which many plant and animal species thrive. In particular, it is home to many butterflies. It is an important path intersection and somewhere there is the border between Studenice, Makole and Rogaška, Kostrivnica part of Boč. Decades ago it was named also Veliki travnik, and today clearing Formila. It is an interesting oasis of peace, silence and unspoiled nature. According to legend there was a rich village in this place a long time ago. The inhabitants were presumptuous and ungodly. They experienced punishment, the whole village sank along with the inhabitants.
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Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču Formila na Boču
Studenice - Formila na Boču (by road)1 heasy marked way
Studenice - Formila na Boču (on road and mountain path from Makole)1 h 10 mineasy marked way
Zgornje Poljčane - Formila na Boču (by road)1 h 20 mineasy marked way
Makole - Formila na Boču2 heasy marked way
Cerovec pod Bočem - Formila na Boču2 h 5 mineasy marked way
Okrepčevalnica Zelena dolina - Formila na Boču2 h 30 mineasy marked way
Brzika - Formila na Boču3 heasy marked way
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