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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Hom pri Bledu

Hom pri Bledu

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 834 m / 2736 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 10,466
Popularity: 35% (2023rd place)
Number of pictures: 8
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Hom is 834 meters high hill, which is ascending northern above villages Zasip and Podhom at Bled, or south from the village Blejska Dobrava at Jesenice. On the summit, where beneath the steep western slopes there is winding the famous gorge Vintgar stands a cross, and we can also write into an inscription book and use a stamp.
Hom is known as a popular recreational point of many locals, and it is also attractive for all, who would like to rest in nature. If we are quiet enough, we can by the path run into wild animals, such as squirrels and deer. Few meters below the summit we can enjoy a nice view towards Karawanks with Stol and Begunjščica, and their south mountain chain above villages (so-called) Dežela.
Surroundings within radius of km:
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Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu Hom pri Bledu
Blejska Dobrava (cemetery) - Hom pri Bledu (via Katarina)1 h 25 mineasy unmarked way
Podhom - Hom pri Bledu 40 mineasy unmarked way
Blejska Dobrava (cemetery) - Hom pri Bledu (on east slope)1 h 5 mineasy unmarked way
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