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Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Kamnik Savinja Alps
Elevation: 590 m / 1936 ft
Lat/Lon: °N °E 
Type: peak
Views: 4,470
Popularity: 27% (2048th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 2
Description of mountain:
Hill Koželj is located on the southeastern part of the valley Šaleška dolina and for the town Velenje it is the closest hill and popular recreational point. Everyday, in all seasons, it gets visited by many locals.
Hill is elongated shape with three peaks: Veliki Koželj (580 meters), Koželj (590 meters) and Mali Koželj (501 meters).
Near the highest point of the hill, at an altitude 580 meters, there are tables and benches and box with an inscription book.
There are 3 marked paths, which lead on Koželj: Družinska pot, Glasbena pot, which is dedicated to music teacher and composer Fran Korun Koželjski and mountain trail on Koželj, which is part of Šalek mountain trail.
Everyone who reaches the peak, is rewarded with a breathtaking view on magnificent Velenje Castle, on Velenje basin and on hills, which surround it on the north and west. In clear weather, the view reaches to Pohorje, Uršlja gora, Peca and Smrekovec.
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Koželj Koželj Koželj Koželj
Velenje (Stari trg) - Koželj (on mountain trail) 45 mineasy marked way
Trebuša (gas station) - Koželj 30 mineasy marked way
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