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Velenje Castle

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Kamnik Savinja Alps
Elevation: 442 m / 1450 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 2,530
Popularity: 31% (2360th place)
Number of pictures: 3
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 3
Description of mountain:
Castle Grad Velenje or Velenjski grad stands on the hill above the old part of the town Velenje in the valley Šaleška dolina and belongs among most beautiful and best preserved castles in Slovenia.
From the castle is a nice view towards Velenje and surrounding hills. Towards the northwest are nicely visible Uršlja gora and Peca, towards the north Paški Kozjak, towards the northeast Radojč and Vinska gora.
Today are in the castle spaces of museum Muzej Velenje.
Velenje castle besides museum offers space to various social and cultural events.
In the castle spaces is settled a wedding hall, and at the castle yard there are taking place various cultural and musical events.
At the castle stands a sign with a stamp for path Pozojeva grajska pot, which takes us also to three other castles in the surrounding of Velenje.
Surroundings within radius of km:
Webcams in radius of km:
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Velenje Castle Velenje Castle Velenje Castle
Velenje (Stari trg) - Velenje Castle (on stairs) 15 mineasy marked way
Velenje (Stari trg) - Velenje Castle (by road) 20 mineasy marked way
Velenje (Stari trg) - Velenje Castle (on footpath) 15 mineasy unmarked way
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