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Sveti Pankracij (Radelca)

Country: Austria, Slovenia
Elevation: 900 m / 2953 ft
Type: peak, church
Weather forecast:
Views: 1,970
Popularity: 27% (2417th place)
Number of pictures: 7
Number of paths: 7
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Church of St. Pankracij on Radelca is situated on the border ridge between Slovenia and Austria, and since the year 1966 by interstate agreement the church is entirely on the Slovenian territory. The first church on the mentioned place was built already before the year 1490, and today's was blessed on 6th September 1910.
From the lookout tower on belfry of the church, which is accessible in the summer time (in the winter time from 15/11 to 15/4 the access is not possible) a nice view opens up on all sides. On Slovenian side we see part of the valley Dravska dolina, Pohorje and surrounding hills, and on the Austrian side the view reaches from the nearby Golica / Koralpe to distant mountains and settlements.
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Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) Sveti Pankracij (Radelca)
border crossing Remšnik - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) 25 mineasy marked way
Radlje ob Dravi - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) (via Župank and Sveti Urban)4 heasy marked way
Radeljski prelaz - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) (Austrian path)3 heasy marked way
Sv. Pankracij (Legat) / St. Pongratzen (Legat) - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) 15 mineasy marked way
Radeljski prelaz - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) (via Sveti Urban)3 h 15 mineasy marked way
Sveti Jurij (Remšnik) - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca)1 h 15 mineasy marked way
Brezno - Sveti Pankracij (Radelca) (by Remšniški potok)2 h 50 mineasy marked way
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