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Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Karawanks
Elevation: 766 m / 2513 ft
Lat/Lon: °N °E 
Type: peak
Views: 119,633
Popularity: 50% (1693rd place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Kozjek is 766 meters high, easier accessible secondary peak of Jelenkamen, with which it belongs into south Karawanks foothills, more precisely it is situated above Slovenski Javornik at Jesenice. It is interesting especially as destination of strollers from the nearby surroundings, and also as midway point for mountaineers.
From its peak a view opens up on Slovenski Javornik, Lipce, Blejska Dobrava, Ljubljana Basin, and peaks and plateau, such as: Mežakla, Jelovica with Ratitovec, Kavče, Vrše, Boršt and some others.
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Kozjek Kozjek Kozjek Kozjek Kozjek
Jesenice (Straža) - Kozjek 25 mineasy unmarked way
Trebež (Jesenice) - Kozjek (on east ridge) 30 mineasy marked way
Tomšičeva cesta (Jesenice) - Kozjek (via Šporn) 25 mineasy unmarked way
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