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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Alničje


Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Karawanks
Elevation: 1145 m / 3757 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 175,340
Popularity: 57% (1479th place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Alničje is 1145 meters high ridge hill, which is from southwest rising above settlements Koroška bela and Javornik, and runs towards the northeast in the direction of the mountain pasture Stamare, and it ends on grassy saddle below the southern slopes of Debelo brdo in Karawanks, where there are bench with an inscription book, emergency roof, which offers a shelter from storm, and small older decaying cottage.
On those, already quite extremely steep slopes of Alničje and neighbouring Debelo brdo, according to locals, they used to cut grass with crampons on feet. Forests on local surfaces are by its status protected, which means that cutting out isn't allowed, with a purpose, to be used as protection from rockfalls, landslides etc. Right here, east from Alničje in the past already at least once happened natural disaster similar as the one, which we witnessed few years ago in Log pod Mangartom. At that time was village Koroška bela buried under landslide.
Today the saddle, which is named after hill Alničje is mainly peaceful destination of hikers, who like pleasant side ways, or interesting destinations near marked routes.
Surroundings within radius of km:
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Alničje Alničje Alničje Alničje Alničje
Pri Žagi (Javorniški Rovt) - Alničje1 heasy unmarked way
Koroška Bela (RC Kres) - Alničje (direct over the ridge)1 h 30 minpartly demanding unmarked way
Koroška Bela (RC Kres) - Alničje (hunting path)1 h 20 mineasy unmarked way
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