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Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)

Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 1643 m / 5390 ft
Type: peak, mountain pasture
Weather forecast:
Views: 365,108
Popularity: 78% (761st place)
Number of pictures: 10
Number of paths: 9
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Kosmati vrh is situated at the far northeastern edge of Ratitovec. From the unvegetated peak is a very nice view towards the neighbouring Gladki vrh, which is situated above the mountain hut Krekova koča. And the view doesn't reach only on neighbouring peak, but almost on the entire Slovenia. From the top, we see Kanin mountain chain, Triglav and other high peaks of the Julian Alps, larger part of Karawanks and part of Kamnik and Savinja Alps, Škofjeloško and Cerkljansko hribovje and Spodnje Bohinjske gore. The peak also has a stamp, but it doesn't have an inscription box.
Surroundings within radius of km:
Webcams in radius of km:
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Prtovč - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec) (via razor)1 h 40 mineasy marked way
Jesenovec - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)1 heasy marked way
Ledine - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)1 h 30 mineasy marked way
Pečana - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)1 h 5 mineasy marked way
Bitenjska planina - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)2 h 40 mineasy marked way
Podkorita - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec)3 h 50 mineasy unmarked way, easy marked way
Prtovč - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec) (via Jesenovec and planina Klom)2 heasy marked way
Prtovč - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec) (via Jesenovec)1 h 45 mineasy marked way
Rudenska grapa - Kosmati vrh (Ratitovec) (via hunting cottage Na Toli and over Jesenovec)4 heasy marked way
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