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Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 1220 m / 4003 ft
Type: peak, mountain hut, church
Weather forecast:
Views: 714,045
Popularity: 98% (47th place)
Number of pictures: 20
Number of paths: 8
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Kum is with 1220 meters the highest peak of Posavsko hribovje. Because the peak is rising above Zasavje, some people call it also Zasavski Triglav. On the top, there is a mountain hut, transmitters and the church of St. Neža. On the top there is also a panorama board, which shows better known peaks of a larger part of Slovenia, of course those, which we see from the peak. In good weather, the view from the peak reaches from the nearby Posavsko hribovje to a little more distant Kamnik and Savinja Alps, Karawanks and Julian Alps with Triglav. On the top there is also a smaller playground, where the kids can play.
Surroundings within radius of km:
Webcams in radius of km:
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Zidani Most - Kum (through Škratova dolina (old path))3 heasy marked way
Lontovž - Kum (footpath) 40 mineasy marked way
Trbovlje - Kum (via Čebulova dolina)3 h 30 mineasy marked way
Lontovž - Kum (by road) 50 mineasy marked way
Zidani Most - Kum (through Škratova dolina (new path))3 h 5 mineasy marked way
Hrastnik (Podkraj) - Kum (via Matca)2 h 55 mineasy marked way
Zagorje ob Savi - Kum (via Završje and Čebulova dolina)3 heasy marked way
Sopota - Kum (Nežina pot)2 heasy marked way
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